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Participation in the Community Group Chats and online fora are governed by the Terms of Conduct, which form part of the Terms of Reference which govern membership in the community.


Please take the time to review these Terms in detail as a breach of any Term may result in exclusion from the Community, by a decision of the leadership of GJWHF$.


To get to know you better, before you can sign up as a Member, we ask you to complete a survey to let us know about your current financial situation, your investment goals, and a bit about your personal situation. All personal information is being collected in accordance with the GJWHF$ Personal Information Collection Statement and all personal information will be secured in accordance with the GJWHF$ Privacy Policy, which is also on the GJWHF$ website.


Our Community relies on Members being willing to share their knowledge and experience in order to benefit the Community as a whole, and to pay it forward. As a Member, you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing. We ask, however, that you bring your whole selves to any GJWHF$ event or session that you attend, and to the Community fora or chat groups with a mindset and a commitment to sharing and paying it forward.


From time to time, situations may arise which constitute conflicts of interest. This Community may ask for referrals to professional service providers that Members may work with or are aware of. We ask that any recommendation, referral or introduction that you may make to / for any other Member does not result in your receiving any financial or other compensation (whether directly or indirectly due to your having a shareholding or other personal interest in such service being provided). We need to ensure the integrity of the GJWHF$ Community and its highly curated nature as a safe space.


In the unlikely event of a grievance, complaint, issue or concern arising between different Members out of any GJWHF$ event or Community forum or chat room, we ask that Members seek to resolve the issue amicably and directly between themselves.


If the issue persists, you may contact GJWHF$ on


We take great pride in the unique content that we are creating for the Community.  

All materials including slide presentations, articles, templates and other resources which may be created to share with  the GJWHF$ Community are proprietary to GJWHF$. No part of any GJWHF$ materials may be shared or duplicated outside of the Community without the prior written consent of the GJWHF$ leadership. 


We can’t wait to have you as part of our Community! If you would like to become a Member, you can sign up here.


By submitting your membership application, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accept:

  • the GJWHF$ Vision and Mission

  • our PACT

  • the Terms of Membership in the GJWHF$ Community

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