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Last updated on: February 23, 2021


1. Our Group Chat is a forum for the GJWHF$ community of women to collaboratively learn from, and support, one another by sharing investment-related comments, experiences and resources - please respect the purpose and objective of this Group, and refrain from posting messages which are irrelevant or inappropriate to the purpose of this Group Chat.

2. None of the information shared on the Group Chat is intended to be, and shall not be construed as, investment advice or investment recommendation relating to any investment or financial product. 

3. Members must not engage in discussions on the Group Chat which may objectively be viewed as amounting to such investment advice or recommendation or which may be construed as an encouragement to engage in risky trading behaviour.

4. All views expressed on the Group Chat are those of the individual Members.  Neither GJWHF$ nor any of its leadership shall be responsible or have any liability in respect of any message or information shared on the Group Chat by any Member.

5. Members are encouraged to actively participate in, and contribute to, the Group discussions, always being respectful in your treatment of any other Member and in the tone and language of your posts and messages.  Members are encouraged to highlight in the Group Chat, their  achievements  and other “wins”, so that the Group can celebrate them, but please refrain from excessive self-promotion.

6. Members agree not to make comments or suggestions, or share posts, on the Group Chat which (and, in this regard, GJWHF sole and full discretion and its determination shall be final):

  • are potentially sensitive (eg. with religious or political overtones)

  • make fun of, bother, harass or berate someone else or air grievances

  • are defamatory, insulting, obscene, racist, sexist or homophobic;

  • are, or which appear to be, threatening, abusive, offensive or arousing hatred or discrimination;

  • are vulgar, profane, crude, violent, hostile or which would be objectively viewed as foul language;

  • are illegal or violate, or encourage the violation of, any laws or regulations;

  • promote any products or services or are for any other commercial purpose, including for any Member’s own gain or promotion;

  • are made in relation to any sponsorship, petition, campaign or chain message.

7. Please do not spam the Group, or share information which you have not read yourself or verified.  Members should first check the accuracy and veracity of any information before sharing on the Group Chat.  


8. Remember that words, images and emojis can all be interpreted in multiple ways, so please ensure that your statements and messages are clear and will not likely be misinterpreted.


9. Please do not have long one-on-one conversations in the Group Chat - please switch to private messaging.


10. Please do not send data-heavy or data-insensitive messages which may be a drain on the data usage of others in the group.


11. Only the Group Administrators can change the group name or the  photo icon, or share the link to new Members to join the Group Chat.


12. If you have a reasonable and valid complaint about the content of the Group Chat or the behaviour of any Member(s), please contact any of the Group Administrators to share your concerns.   All such feedback is welcome and will be treated with strict confidentiality.


13. Important: Removal from the Group: Any breach of, or deviation from, any of these Group Conduct Terms will be viewed seriously and the following actions taken in respect of the offending incidents, at the discretion of the GBWHF$ leadership:

   a. A first time offender shall be warned.

   b. A second time offender shall be removed from the Group Chat and may only be added back after an appropriate period of cooling down time, and after internal discussion with the GJWHF$ leadership have a favourable outcome.

   c. Third time offenders will be removed permanently from the Group Chat, and their membership in GJWHF$ will be permanently revoked by the GJWHF$ leadership.


14. GJWHF$ reserves the right to modify any of these Conduct Terms from time to time. Such modification shall be effective and replace any previous terms immediately upon posting of the modified Conduct Terms.


Should you have any enquiries about this Privacy Policy and the Company’s practices, please contact us by email at:

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