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Founded by six women with a goal to close the gender investment gap, Christine, Gemma, Sandra, Tanya, Caroline, and Nancy first came together when they were invited to share their investing stories at a panel discussion for the Mentoring Program at The Women’s Foundation in 2018.


Inspired by the immense response to this talk, they realised the need for more education and free-flowing conversations about investing amongst members of the program, and beyond.


Now, united by a vision of economic empowerment no matter your age, gender, or financial situation, the GJWHF$ co-founders support a community of women, motivating them to take control of their financial futures by building confidence, normalising conversations about money, and, most importantly, taking action towards their investing journey.


Incorporated in 2019 and established as a non-profit in 2021, our mission is to create a safe, engaged, and inclusive community where beginners and seasoned investors alike can seek guidance, share their experience, and gain knowledge on investing topics without fear of judgement or comprehension.



We welcome all women into our community with open arms. No matter your age, financial situation, or industry background, you can sign up as a GJWHF$ member for free. Join our conversation.

No judgement

There are no stupid questions. Even the experts started somewhere, and some of us are just starting our journey now. The only way we can move forward and seize opportunities together, is to build up each other’s confidence to take that next step.

Invest in you

Take responsibility for your own financial future. Don’t leave it until tomorrow. Don’t leave it with someone else to decide. Arm yourself with knowledge to take action for yourself.

Pay it forward

We are not investment advisors, but we have had our own experience with investments. Whatever you have learned, whether it’s a useful app or website, a value-for-money service provider, or a watch-out experience, share it with the community. Let's help one another progress faster.

Strictly confidential

Financial matters are deeply personal for most of us. To ensure our community is a safe place to share information, treat the knowledge you access as a privilege – and keep the personal information of others to yourself.

Believe in our PACT

Achieving our mission is both a personal commitment and a community promise to support not only our own, but also one another’s journey towards financial freedom. Abiding by our ground rules will help us protect everyone’s interests.


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