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Our Background

We are a team of women who met each other through the Mentoring Programme of The Women's Foundation. We are committed to empowering women to invest in themselves through education, communication and taking action. Committed to a common goal of narrowing (and obliterating!) the gender investment gap, we want to build a community of women committed to helping each other and progress their investing journey!

Our Partners
Member Testimonials
“Following this session, I will do more research, have a money date with a friend or partner and invest!"

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Feedback Survey

"As a beginner investor, I find it quite easy to do asset class identification, look at past return, adjust my portfolio from time to time, and invest regularly and diversely with discipline for long term investment on Interactive Broker. I learnt these from GJWHF seminars."

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Feedback from Interactive Brokers Event

“One comment from our ally lead,... was that the session was eye opening for him, because he caught himself in a lot of unconscious biases regarding investing.”

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Salesforce Event


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