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GJWHF$ believes in economic empowerment; everybody, at any age, can create a pathway towards financial freedom. Through open, honest conversations we build knowledge. And, through knowledge, we build the confidence we need to make smart financial decisions.


Take control of your own wealth creation. It won't cost you a cent.

Our Purpose

We are a community of women committed to eradicating the gender investment gap by empowering each other to invest in ourselves through education, communication, and taking action.


We believe each individual is accountable for their own financial future. Yet, women invest less, less often, and later in life than men do. This has resulted in women having 25% less wealth than men.

So, why are we so passive?

We lack confidence


Women feel they don’t fully understand investing*


Of women do not feel confident to invest some of their money*

Yet, women typically make better investment decisions


Higher portfolio value over a 30-year period compared to men’s portfolios+


USD extra assets under management from private individuals if women invested at the same rate as men*

*BNY Melon; +Hargreaves & Lansdown Study

Talking money is seen as a taboo topic, especially for women.


Don’t believe us? When was the last time you had lunch or coffee with a friend and spoke in detail about your portfolios?

The more comfortable we are talking about money:

the more investment knowledge we are gaining (and sharing).


the less investment opportunities we miss.


the more negotiation power we have (and the lower the gender pay gap).


the more life choices there will be available to us.



Membership is free, so what's holding you back?

Free educational events

Fireside chats, seminars, and interactive Q&As with subject-matter experts on trending topics and popular asset classes you want to learn about.

Community chat & insights

Exclusive access to our members-only blog for investing tips and insights, and our community chat group full of supportive women happy to discuss any question you have about investing.


Networking Meet-Ups & Money Dates

Informal online or in-person get-togethers hosted by members of the GJWHF$ leadership team, to connect and share stories about our investing experience, fears, and action plans. A good opportunity to talk about money during your lunch break, or with a glass of wine in hand.

Our Partners

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"As a beginner investor, I find it quite easy to do asset class identification, look at past return, adjust my portfolio from time to time, and invest regularly and diversely with discipline for long term investment on Interactive Broker. I learnt these from GJWHF seminars."

Member - Interactive Brokers Event

“One ally lead commented on how eye-opening the session was because he caught himself in a lot of unconscious biases regarding investing.”

Member - Corporate Partner Event

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"Change requires encouraging girls to go into finance, creating family-friendly workplaces and appreciating value of diversity"
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