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Money Date: The Money Mates Series


In-Person or Online


1 Apr 2024


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Exclusively for members

About the Event

Over 80% of you gained topical knowledge after a GJWHF$ event or Money Date last year.*

Yet, in 2023, 62% did not continue the conversation by initiating their Money Date with a fellow member or friend.*

So, we are here to help facilitate these Money Dates.

*2023 GJWHF$ Annual Check-In Survey Results

What is the Money Mates Series?

Participants in this new initiative will be paired with a fellow GJWHF$ member each month —that means you will be paired with a new Money Mate every month! Once paired, you’ll be prompted to organise a Money Date with your new Money Mate to normalise conversations over money while encouraging accountability for your financial development and allowing you to share your financial knowledge with another member. 

This 1:1 session is intended to be intimate and casual and should be a safe space for you to talk about your financial aspirations and share learnings and resources. Come together over a coffee, a glass of wine, or a Zoom call and walk out having had a conversation about money and, hopefully, feeling motivated to take action to improve your financial future.

Why Money Dates?

As part of our PACT, we encourage GJWHF$ members to take control of their future financial health by committing to action. This can begin with a conversation about your financial dreams, concerns and experiences. 

This proactive and intentional financial dialogue is what we call a “Money Date”.

How does it work?

GJWHF$ members can register for free to participate. We will email you at the start of each month to introduce you to your new Money Mate. Then, you take it from there!

If, for any reason, you need to skip a month or two or just need some time out, please email us anytime. We will remove you from future matches until you are ready to return.

Please note that participants in the initiative are matched at random. You will be matched with a different participant each month. 

Register by the 25th day of each month to be paired with a fellow member at the start of the following month. 

If your money date partner does not respond to your email, we regret that we won’t be able to rematch you that month. But you’ll be part of the participating pool for the following month and get a fresh match. 

Why is this important? 

By taking control of our future financial health through knowledge-sharing and action orientation, we can open the door to new opportunities and life choices for ourselves and our loved ones.

Talk money, build your knowledge, take action, and invest in your future self.

Have more questions?

This series is co-hosted by Lizzie Chan (Leadership Team member) and Tanya Gan (Co-Founder). Please feel free to contact your co-hosts if you have any questions.

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GJWHF$ members can attend for free! But seats are limited.

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