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GJWHF$ is 5 years old! What Impact Have We Had on Women's Financial Futures?

6 Mar 2024

We have been at the forefront of efforts to empower financial freedom of women, through community and education, in Hong Kong since our founding in 2019. 5 years on, our annual impact report shares some insight on our current community of members and what we have achieved together.

GJWHF$ is a non-profit organisation with a vision to eradicate the gender investment gap. We believe that, by normalising conversations about money, no matter your gender, age, or financial situation, together we can build our financial literacy and take control of our own wealth creation.

So, how did we do?

2024 Achievements: 

Why do women join GJWHF$?


We empower women in their money journey by encouraging one another to prioritise our financial futures. As a supportive community of members, we regularly get together to educate, motivate and inspire, via our signature “Money Dates”, an informal open-group discussion about money matters, as well as educational 'Get Finance Fit' panel events where industry experts share insights on in-demand investing topics.

  • 67.1%* learn about investments and money-related matters from GJWHF events and our active WhatsApp group. 

  • 58.6%* gained more knowledge about the topic discussed at events.

  • 68.6%* are more confident now in their approach to the topics, and more confident in taking action.

Taking Action:

Our mission is not only to educate women on money-related topics, but to also build their confidence to take action. Even a small step, like organising your own Money Dates with fellow members or friends to share learnings and resources, brings our members one step closer to achieving their financial goals.

  • 58.6%* have taken investment or learning-related action, or considered doing so, after an event.

  • Almost 40%* have had 1-on-1 Money Dates with fellow members or friends, to have a conversation with another member about money, investments or other wealth related topics.

  • 85.7%* have recommended GJWHF$ to others!

Being a part of GJWHF$ has helped me achieve my financial goal(s) for 2023:

Now, it's your turn to take action! Join the conversation by registering for our upcoming member events.

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*Results of GJWHF$ Annual Member Check-In February 2024

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