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Calling all ‘book’ lovers: help us build a resource library that helped your financial journey

29 Aug 2023

We were chatting about new ways to bring the GJWHF$ community together to talk money and share our insights, knowledge, and tips. Then we thought, let’s ask our membership for ideas!

This month, we are calling out for your ‘book’ recommendations. We will select a handful of community reviews and share them with you in a blog post next month.

Have you read a book, seen a TV series, or listened to a podcast recently that helped you with your financial journey?

If so, send us an email, with subject line “I would like to share a book review” before Tuesday 12th September with:

  • your name (if you would like to be credited)

  • the name of the book and the author, TV show, or podcast

  • a link to the book, TV show, or podcast (if relevant)

  • your rating out of 5 stars

  • a quick synopsis and why you found it inspirational (max 150 words)

The community-curated article will be available on our members-only blog. To read these tips from the GJWHF$ community, sign up as a member here.

We cannot wait to hear from you!

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