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This International Women's Day, TWF and GJWHF$are bringing you an interactive Investing 101 session.

Do you know that the average woman has USD1M less than men in terms of their wealth, simply because women invest less? If you wish to take a first step in making investments, join our investment 101 session.

Ok, so we all know that investing should be a habit and we should be saving a little of our payslip each month, but how and where to start? There is so much jargon I don't understand! - how can I feel confident investing my hard earned cash myself? What are the pros and cons of investing in equities vs fixed income? How do you get started towards buying your first property? What about this thing called crypto?

These are all common questions and fears about investing. You are not alone!

You will hear from other women sharing tips on financial wellness basics, help to get you thinking about your financial strategy and explain the pros and cons of different asset classes, with specific breakout sessions on equities, real estate and crypto.

Take action today and make the first step towards your investment journey.

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